Doing business with good governance

Doing business with moral integrity and good governance set a code of conduct for executives and employees to follow. These include deliveries of and offering quality products and services, and a sense of accountability of employees towards themselves, communities, society, and their surroundings, all of which can build trust and confidence among outsiders. This will lay a foundation for D-Land to be a trusted, and transparent organization on its track for secured and sustainable growth.
A leading real estate developer in southern and eastern Bangkok, Rama II – Samut Sakhon area, and the eastern part of the country, D-Land Group Co., Ltd. is one of the nine organizations from a total of 85 to be qualified as the company with the highest level of good governance standards. The company was also certified with an honorary plaque recognizing its “Excellent Business Good Governance” in an honorary event organized by Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce in 2019. The event was held to stimulate and urge the business sector to do business
with integrity, fairness, transparency, and responsibility towards society, all of which could pave way for the sector to be accepted by the international standards.
Keys to D-Land’s success as a company with excellent corporate governance lie in the answers of Mr. Siriphong Somboon, managing director of D-Land Group Limited. He said, “D-Land has been doing real estate business since 2002 under a vision that ‘We aspire to be a leading real estate developer with modern creativity that will enable us to bring about a superior living experience and satisfaction to customers, all under the corporate governance, our care to the harmony of environment and communities, and an aim to leverage capabilities of employees in all levels.’”
D-Land’s strengths that set it apart from other players in the real estate industry are potential areas in its possession, designs that can respond to customer’s needs, and care to buyers’ living elements that come in forms of common areas, road lanes, comfort, and after-sales service. Up until now, D-Land has never stopped developing its real estate projects and services, such as detached home projects under “The Proud Rise” and “Porto Villa” brands, a townhome project under “Baan D” brand, a condominium project under “D Park” brand, a commercial apartment project under “D Town” brand, and even Porto Chino and Porto Go, its lifestyle mall business, and a rest area business.
D-Land prioritizes teamwork, caring for one another under the its “CARE(SS)” organizational culture that encompasses six values: 1. Customer Centric, which means offering quality products and warm services to customers, 2. Accountability, which means employees are responsible for their own actions that can have an impact on others, organization, communities, society, and their surroundings, 3. Ready to Change, which means we dare to think, are willing to change, outspoken, and expressive of what’s right, 4. Eager to Success, which means enthusiasm in seeking success, learning new things, and being inspired to achieve it, 5. Sharpness, which means being professionally smart with good planning and great analyzing skills, and
According to Mr. Siriphong about D-Land’s organizational management, the company has always prioritized corporate governance since the start of business 17 years ago until now. All executives and stakeholders bear in mind that doing business with integrity, honesty, and delivering a great quality of life to customers are key to business sustainability. From 2016 to 2017, D-Land Group has been awarded an outstanding good governance prize in Samut Sakhon by Department of Business Development for two consecutive years. In 2019, D-Land was also selected as a company with excellent corporate governance, qualifying for six pillars of good governance that include rules of law, moral integrity, transparency, participation, responsibility and accountability, and effectiveness and efficiency.
D-Land Group firmly upholds “The First to Give” motto and corporate governance, which act as a foundation for all aspects of organizational management, encompassing employees, customers, residents, and even society. Doing business with integrity, transparency, relentlessness, and attentiveness will result in employees having good attitude, a fair rate of return, and a clear career growth, all of which will also lead to consistent personnel development, and good relationship with customers. Prior to developing any projects, D-Land will visit people in the community it will be carrying out a project in to make sure that they will benefit from the project, and that those to be affected will be relieved. These also include launching corporate social responsibilities in remote areas.
“We believe that Thai society could be better if we start to give. D-Land is not only selling houses, but also wanting residents to have a good life quality. We can do all that while being a successful company with moral integrity under corporate governance on its way to sustainable growth. We D-Land are proud of the Excellent Corporate Governance Award we have been given by Department of Business Development, and will always uphold such standards,” Mr. Siriphong concluded.
D-Land’s way of doing business with good governance that encompasses the organization, society, communities, environment, and the country, will act as immunity for D-Land and the Thai community to collectively and sustainably grow.


D-Land Group is well aware of importance of doing business with moral integrity and ethics as we strongly believe that these will play a crucial part to bring about success and build trust among stakeholders, all of which will also lead to sustainable and healthy growth.
Attachment of D-Land Group Limited’s Code of Conduct